Runescape Prepaid Card

Runescape Prepaid Card

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Jagex Prepaid Card for Runescape

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About RuneScape Prepaid Card

Jagex RuneScape Prepaid cards can be used to purchase a wide range of RuneScape Membership, RuneCoin and Spin packages.

Important Note: Jagex Runescape redemption options are subjected to change according to the official publisher. For more information, please refer to the Official Website.

Buy RuneScape Prepaid Card Online Now

Is the free version of RuneScape too good? Can’t get enough of it? You can now buy RuneScape Membership cards online at SEAGM to enhance your adventure playing. SImple and convenient, joining as a member brings you a whole host of benefits including extra quests and a larger map to explore! 

What is RuneScape?

A very popular online adventure game, RuneScape was released by Jagex in 2001 and has since grown to 12 million players worldwide. A MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game), gamers are supposed to explore Gielinor, a huge medieval fantasy world. 

You can work with other players to fight enemies or if you want to, test yourself in a player vs player combat. Play alongside millions of other heroes and write the story as you play.

Why do you need prepaid RuneScape membership? 

The majority of RuneScape players play the paid version of the game. Although the free version is fantastic and well loved by many, with a membership, players get more from their gameplay. 

Prepaid RuneScape membership lends you access to a much larger map of Gielinor with nearly 200 extra quests. Members also have access to special skills and exclusive perks. Some guilds, missions and special clothing are also available to membership holders only. 

Just buy a RuneScape prepaid card at SEAGM to extend your membership!

Jagex Runescape Prepaid Card Redemption Options

Jagex Runescape Prepaid Card $10 can redeem one of the options below:

  • 25 days Membership
  • 20 days of membership + 5 Keys and 15 Hearts of Ice
  • 1 Bond and 7 Days of Membership
  • 1 Old School Bond and 7 Days Membership
  • 24 Keys and 85 Hearts of Ice
  • 150 RuneCoins, 12 Keys and 40 Hearts of Ice
  • 300 RuneCoins

Jagex Runescape Prepaid Card $25 can redeem one of the options below:

  • 65 days Membership
  • 35 days of membership + 28 Keys
  • 42 days of membership + 280 RuneCoins
  • 7 days membership and 3 Bonds
  • 7 days membership and 3 Old School Bonds
  • 60 Keys
  • 400 RuneCoins and 30 Keys
  • 800 RuneCoins
  • RuneScape 20 Days, 25 Keys and 280 RuneCoins

RuneScape Prepaid Card Activation Guide:

Follow this link to activate the card.

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