The Quinfall

About The Quinfall

Embark on an adventurous journey to explore the Quinfall universe. Be a part of unique battles and an immersive story with dozens of different professions in the depths of medieval times in an all-new MMORPG experience.


Explore the world's largest MMORPG map with an area of 2016km². Shape your adventure in five regions with their own unique, distinct climates. A living world awaits you with a map that adapts to four seasons with changing weather conditions and a day-night cycle.


Non-Target combat dynamics and a PVP-PVE experience based on sleight of hand and player experience allow you to experience all battles with a greater sense of spectacle and depth. Experience immersive medieval combat with thrilling ship battles, island skirmishes and castle sieges. The open-world PVP system brings a whole new combat experience every step of the way.


Organize your equipment according to your own play style with a specialization system consisting of dozens of different professions suitable for the time and 9 different weapon systems. Don't depend on the odds with an equipment crafting and development system that is not luck-oriented. Sell your products to other players with the dynamic trade system and create trade routes with caravans. Never be alone on your journeys with countless mounts and pets to accompany your character. Build your own home or create your clan island with your friends. Discover unique monsters, events and locations that fit the Quinfall storyline.


Create a character that's all your own, in the style you want. Add a unique touch to your character with hundreds of different muscle and bone controls on the face.


Explore the impact of the monstrous god Pelyonas, the dragonborn gods Greis and Kreas, and many more gods on the universe. Uncover the backstories of dozens of main characters with deep-rooted stories, or observe the fractured daily lives of others in the realm. Learn the secret behind the cursed crown that changed Quinfall's fate. Bring peace and tranquility to a universe plunged into civil war, or become part of the growing chaos. Become part of this unique adventure as you play through a constantly updating story. Remember that the choices you make can change the fate of the Quinfall universe.


Get ready for a hyper-realistic world with advanced graphics and state-of-the-art systems. Get optimal performance on every system with unprecedented high-level optimization. Enjoy smooth gameplay even in high player counts and crowded environments.

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