KALEOZ Gift Card (CN)

KALEOZ Gift Card (CN)

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Kaleoz Gift Card (CN)

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    $ 7.81
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  • KALEOZ Gift Card (CN)
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About KALEOZ Gift Card
KALEOZ Gift Card is an alternative, easy and convenient payment method for selected countries to top up with digital code in KALEOZ account. However, it is currently available countries for KALEOZ Gift Cards including China (CN), United States (US), and Europe (EU). Gamers can top-up their digital code anytime to purchase any in-game items in stock at the KALEOZ marketplace. 
Exclusive digital codes are available now at our website at SEAGM.com. Contact us if you have any enquiries about your purchases. You may reach us at [email protected] or our KALEOZ Support at https://www.kaleoz.com/contact.

Where do I receive the purchased KALEOZ Gift Card?

Gamers will receive the digital code in your My Game Card page.

Will my KALEOZ Gift Card expire?

Your digital KALEOZ Gift Card code is valid for two (2) years from the date of purchase. Be sure to redeem it before it expire.

How to redeem KALEOZ Gift Card:

1.      Login to your KALEOZ account.
2.      Click on your "KALEOZ Username" and select "Control Panel"
3.      Click "Top Up Account Balance"
4.      Choose "KALEOZ Gift Card" as top up option, key in the KALEOZ Gift Card Pin in the pop up window.
5.      Click "TOP UP" button to complete the reload.


KALEOZ is a trusted global digital marketplace created by gaming professionals with vast experience in online gaming, distribution, technology, security and marketing. As a brainchild of SEAGM, KALEOZ strives to provide the best digital platform for global gamers.

Gamers around the globe can buy & sell their in-game item with each other on this marketplace.