Lian Tong Card 联通一卡通 (CN)

Lian Tong Card 联通一卡通 (CN)

  • Available Region China
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Purchase Limit: 1 ~ 5 フリー: 無し
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    $ 8.25
    SEAGM 信用残額 3,334
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About China Mobile Lian Tong Card 联通一卡通 (CN)

Alert: BEWARE of Scams by China websites that direct you to purchase China Mobile Lian Tong Card 联通一卡通 (CN) from us.

Read this: https://news.seagm.com/china-online-game-marketplace-scam/

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  • seagmUser_u437z0k
    I just found out from my friend that Lian Tong card 联通 no longer valid for game topup. If you are buying to top up your China game. Please don't get Lian Tong card. I'm still waiting for the staff of SEAGM to get back to me for refund. And please have a comment to indicate this card it's not valid for China game topup.