Tencent QQ VIP/SVIP/Yellow Diamond Membership Direct Top Up

Tencent QQ VIP/SVIP/Yellow Diamond Membership Direct Top Up

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Tencent QQ Membership Direct Top Up

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About Tencent QQ Memberships

  • QQ VIP/SVIP membership is a value-added service provided by Tencent for QQ users and it covers more than 80 special benefits. All benefits include level boosting, colorful bubbles chatbox, supergroups, identity membership, and personalized business cards.
  • Yellow Diamond Noble is created by Tencent's for QZone user, offering various great benefits for games, life, functional, four exclusive VIP services and more. The benefit includes yellow diamond identity, game point boosting, Weiyun benefits, online book discounts and more.

How to buy QQ VIP/SVIP/Yellow Diamond membership?

  1. Please select the QQ VIP/SVIP memberships you wish to buy.
  2. Enter your QQ number.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, your QQ VIP/SVIP will be activated shortly.

How to check QQ Number?

  1. Open QQ app and login your QQ account.
  2. Click the avatar on top right.
  3. Click the avatar again.
  4. QQ number will displayed under your nickname.