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Chaos of Three Kingdoms ゲームカード

  • 一番少ない数量= 1 最大= 50
  • フリー: 無し
  • トータル: $ 2.50
  • 割引: 無し
  • SEAGM 信用残額: 1,029

Chaos of Three Kingdoms:

  • Chaos of Three Kingdoms is the most popular English game in Southeast Asia. Which have a large number of advantage to attract all English player join us. First of all, Chaos of Three Kingdoms had made interoperate of web version, IOS version and Android version. No matter you are working in the office or jogging in the road, we are all can join the game at same time. Secondly, thousand PPL Nation war function and Friend function has a strong cohesion make you and you friend starting a fierce battle. The vivid fighting picture is another attraction of this game; a lot of players have made the game screenshot as their desktop. At the end, all huayu staff industrious work and create a perfect customer service system give a deeply impression to all COTK players.




  • 説明書、インスタレーションCDs、包装box、実体カードとほかの実体物品が無い。
  • 注文書が処理した後に、ゲームカードページであなたのコードをチェックできる。
  • 予約購入品であれば、正式に発注する二週間前に返金を要求できる。