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14000 Gems

  • ゲーム: Clash of Clans
  • サーバー: iOS
  • メンバー割引: 無し
  • 価格: US$ 70.12 / 14kGem


Please fill in your account details as below and enter in the order Remarks for delivery purpose.

Login game account:

Login password:

Game Character Name:

Game Character Level:

Balance of Gem before recharge:

Game Version:Exp:360,百度,Google,豌豆......

Kindly re-confirm your account details to avoid any unnecessary delay of delivery.

Important Information:

* Please change your password to a simple one such as [email protected]

* Our customer service will contact you once the topup is done. 

* You SHOULD CHANGE your password back to your usual password and check the GEMS amount is correct after the gems topup is completed.

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  • 備考
在庫: 在庫あり
  • 一番少ない数量: 14k 最大: 140k
  • 数量: 14k
  • フリー: 無し
  • トータル: US$ 70.12
  • 割引: 無し
  • SEAGM 信用残額: 28,597


  • 購入する前に、 LiveChatでカスタマーサービスに連絡して在庫あるかどうかを確認してください。