King of Kings (SEA) Funds

King of Kings (SEA) Funds

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King of Kings (SEA) Funds

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King of Kings (SEA) Funds Instant Top Up

King of Kings is a 3D MMORPG masterpiece with fantastic graphics and classic gameplay.

Brand-new DLC: “New Era of Nightbornes” has been officially released. The ancient race "Nightborne" has been added into King of Kings. In this massive open world of more than 26 square kilometers, you get to choose from 5 races and 27 advanced classes to build your own character freely and start an exciting adventure.

Get ready to challenge harder dungeons, kill darker bosses to get abundant loots, epic weapons, and equipment. When the dark shadow brought by Blackdragon has covered the land of Tanglamia, righteous heroes are seeking a way of saving the world. Open the elder scroll, discover the secrets of 7 artefacts. Take your weapon and the world needs you, hero!

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