Speedin Booster 快帆加速器 (Global)

Speedin Booster 快帆加速器 (Global)

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最好的海外访问中国加速器,支持网易云音乐、酷狗、酷我、QQ音乐,爱奇艺,优酷,腾讯视频,B站等中国所有平台 。让你无障碍的畅玩中国的网游和直播平台。目前已支持安卓、iOS、TV、MAC、PC版本

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About Speedin Booster 快帆加速器 (Global)

The best VPN for accessing China online services. Support Netease Music, 醋狗, Kuwo, QQ music, iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, B station and other Chinese platforms. Let you play freely on smooth and fast connection to China's online games and live streaming platforms. Currently support Android, iOS, TV, MAC, PC apps.

Successful access to domestic apps and websites

Through the connection of different site lines, break through the limitations of domestic and international network firewalls, and smoothly access domestic websites such as 酷狗, Youku, and Bilibili.

Access restricted geographic content

By switching the line by the fast sail, the ip address can be replaced with the address specified by the line, so that there is no obstruction to browse the external restricted network content of the area, as if it is in it.

Bypassing workplace and school restrictions

Many workplaces and schools implement firewall that restrict student and employee access to the websites and online services. Speedin Booster allows you to bypass these blockades and enjoy an unrestricted internet.

Improve privacy and data security

Speedin Booster provide a high level of security, using advanced encryption and identification protocols to protect data from snooping and preventing data thieves and other unauthorized users from accessing this data.

Online network acceleration

Connection acceleration, network acceleration when using domestic video, music, games and other applications, improve your Internet body

Official website: https://www.kuaifan.co/