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What is a Neosurf voucher?

Neosurf vouchers are the perfect alternative to pay online without a credit card. This payment method helps you to maximise your online security. How? First of all, with this secure prepaid voucher you do not need to provide any personal or financial data. Second, you can only spend the amount of prepaid credit purchased. So never spend more than you have already paid for. Overspending is not possible!

A virtual payment card for online purchases such as games, telecommunication top ups and other sites, the Neosurf voucher is very easy to use. A good alternative to credit cards for online payments, there are over 20,000 websites where Neosurf vouchers and payments are accepted.

Get the Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card via and use it on your favourite store such as League of Legends or Aeria Games.

Do I have to use all my Neosurf credit at once?

No you do not. You can always use part of the credit and purchase other things with the balance at other times. Your Neosurf code does not expire and you can use it whenever you want to. However, there is a small inactivity fee every month after a year of the purchase of the card or voucher or 6 months after it is last used.

How do I check my Neosurf balance?

Just head to the Neosurf website and check the remaining balance. On the website, your entire transaction history regarding Neosurf can also be viewed.

How to redeem Neosurf Prepaid?

  1. Visit the store you want to purchase from.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Select Pay with Neosurf
  4. Enter your code to redeem

Here is a list of merchants that support Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Cards.