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The Xbox Live Gift Card is a digital voucher that can be used on the Xbox Live network.

With an Xbox Live Gift Card, you will have instant access to a vast number of content that you can download, such as games and add-ons, music, movies, TV shows and so much more.

These can be downloaded to your Xbox One, Xbox 360 as well as your phones and tablets. The Xbox Live Gift Card is also a great gift that you can give your friends and family.

How to redeem the Xbox Live Gift Card?

You will need a Microsoft account to redeem the gift card. Head over to and log into your Microsoft account. Enter the 25 character code.

Once you have redeemed it, you will be able to spend your gift card balance at the Microsoft Store online, on Windows and on Xbox.

What can you buy with the Xbox Live Gift Card?

You will be able to get the latest games, movies, TV shows and apps with credit from the gift card. The Xbox Live Gift Card can also be used for great Xbox deals. Here’s the gist of what you can get:

  • Full Xbox game titles
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Xbox apps
  • In-app purchases
  • Game Passes and game points
  • Xbox devices and accessories, including headsets, controllers and console adornments

Will my Xbox Live Gift Card expire?

No, your gift card creide will not expire, so you can use it anytime you wish. However, promotional gift cards from Xbox Live Rewards and Microsoft Rewards do expire.

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