Legacy Fate: Sacred & Fearless Tokens

Legacy Fate: Sacred & Fearless Tokens

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About Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless

Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless is a Brand-New Idle RPG Game with a unique system, set to offer a plethora of free rewards within the game. The game mainly tells the story that, when desires accumulate, one can transform into a devil. Thriving in the strife of this world, heroes are your antidote against these devils. To conquer them, thousands upon thousands of hero summons await you!

Thousandfold Rewards:

[1000 Free summons, Endless supply of heroes!]

Within a thousand summons, legendary heroes gather here! You'll become the commander of this team of Legendary Heroes, leading them into adventurous battles!

Goddess Collection:

[Goddess blessing, Rules the battle!]

Countless goddesses await your unlock, each with unique and exquisite illustrations. The goddesses will bless you, making you stronger, paving the way for an immortal rise, fighting alongside you in your adventures!

Heroes Cultivation:

[Heroes assemble, Deploy formation!]

Summon mythic heroes, arrange your forces, gather the masses, unite a team that becomes your strongest blade, and victory is assured.

Resource Acquisition:

[Battle With Wisdom! Strategize, Conquer, Collect!]

Embark on a challenging expedition where bold exploration, fierce competition, and clever strategies drive the quest for precious resources. Forge a distinct realm that is uniquely yours. Challenge limits, explore the unknown, and expand your territory!

Legion Socialization:

[Gathering for Glory, Winning with the Legion!]

Unite with comrades to form a formidable Legion, allowing you to find a sense of belonging in this chaotic world. Fight side by side with your Legion partners, collaborate to conquer territories, and gain abundant resources!

So, what does a Legion represent? Answer: A Legion will always be your strongest support!


How to top up Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless Tokens?

  1. Select the Tokens denomination.
  2. Enter your User Center ID and Server.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment is made, the Tokens you purchased will be credited to your account shortly.

How to find the Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless Server and User Center ID?

  1. Log in to the Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless game using your account.
  2. On the start page screen, the Server information is displayed.
  3. To find your Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless User Center ID, click on the "EYOUGAME" icon located in the top left corner, then click on the "User" icon.
  4. Your Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless User Center ID will now be displayed on the screen.