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PUBG Mobile no longer have FREE UC. We will still honor affected PUGB Mobile UC orders that have free UC with SEAGM Credits. Your account will be credited with similar amount SEAGM credits. Kindly note that it may not be equivalent but near the value.
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  • Karma Koin
  • Rixty Code (Global)

About MapleStory US

MapleStory US Mesos:

  • MapleStory is one of the most popular Free-to-play 2D online game globally especially among primary and secondary students.
  • MapleStory consist of 18 servers which has now being merged into 9 servers. They are MapleStory Mesos for Scania, Bera, Brao | Khaini, Windia, (MYBCKN)Mar-Yell-Bell-Chao-Kra-Nova, (GRAZED)Gal-Ren-Arc-Zen-Eln-Dem and Reboot.
  • MapleStory Mesos for Scania, Bera, Brao | Khaini, Windia, (MYBCKN)Mar-Yell-Bell-Chao-Kra-Nova, (GRAZED)Gal-Ren-Arc-Zen-Eln-Dem and Reboot servers are available for sale.
  • Every MapleStory Mesos purchased with SEA Gamer Mall are TAX COVERED now.

Maple Story US Game Info:

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Extra! Extra! Discover the latest MapleStory news and read about upcoming content, ongoing events, contests and much, much more!

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