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AION Online Kinah

  • Server: Katalam-Elyos
  • Diskaun member: tiada
  • Harga: $ 8.96 / 100m
Tiada Stok
Tiada Stok menunjukkan TIADA stok sekarang.
Hubungi khidmat pelanggan untuk mendapatkan maklumat stok.

About Aion Online Kinah

Aion Online Kinah Trading Method:

Aion Online Kinah purchases are traded via selling items in the Trade Broker.Please List Your Item First Before Placing Order.

Please enter the details of your listed items in order form's Remark:

  • Item Name:
  • Item Lv.:
  • Price:
  • Unit Price:
  • Seller:
  • Screenshot of your listed item(* After Sale Registration on standby).

*You can use to upload your listed items or go to order details to upload your screenshots*

Aion Online Kinah Trade Broker Important Notes:

Listing Fee & Sale Commissions on market sales is NOT COVERED.

Item should be listed with random last 3 digits. Example of purchase amount and corresponding item listing amount in Trade Broker:

  • 100Million Kinah. Item listed in Trade Broker should be 1 unit and 100,000,853 unit price, which total 100,000,853

AION Online Trailer