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Lineage 2 Adena

  • Server: Giran
  • Diskaun member: tiada
  • Harga: $ 1.70 / 1m
  • Server
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  • Type Lagi
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Tiada Stok
Tiada Stok menunjukkan TIADA stok sekarang.
Hubungi khidmat pelanggan untuk mendapatkan maklumat stok.

Promosi kini:

Beli 10m Percuma 1%
Beli 50m Percuma 2%
Beli 100m Percuma 3%

About Lineage 2 Adena

Why buy Lineage 2 Adena from SEA Gamer Mall?

  • SEA Gamer Mall operates the largest and trusted network of in-game virtual currency including Lineage 2 Adena.
  • One of the cheapest Lineage 2 Adena price if not the cheapest price in the market. Adena for all Lineage 2 servers are available, namely Chronos, Naia, Aden, Giran, Gludio and Talking Island.
  • Large network of suppliers with ample stocks.
  • Global payments and 24 hours Live Chat support. We are always there for your L2 Adena needs.

How to buy Lineage 2 Adena?

Purchasing Adena from us is just a few steps away:

  1. Enter your character name CORRECTLY in the order form.
  2. Enter quantity of L2 Adena and then click Buy Now or Add to Cart.
  3. Then proceed to Check out make payment.
  4. Our supplier will send the Lineage 2 Adena via in-game mail system to your account.