NCsoft NCoin (KR)

NCsoft NCoin (KR)

  • Available Region
    South Korea
NCsoft Cash (KR)
Website: https://www.plaync.com/
NCsoft NCoin (KR) - NCsoft NCoin 30,000 KR
NCsoft NCoin 30,000 KR
$ 26.81

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Purchase Limit: 1 ~ 10
  • Total
    $ 26.81
    SEAGM Credits 11,277
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About NCSOFT NCoin (KR)

NCoin (KR) is the virtual currency for NCSOFT Korea games. Currently this card supports Lineage II 리니지2 : 아덴 대서사시 (KR). NCoin (KR) can be used in the game to purchase valuable digital items including an assortment of vanity items such as costumes and mounts. NCoin (KR) can also be used to purchase Lineage 2 Hour Pass.

NCSOFT NCoin (KR) Top Up Guide:

Don't read Korean? No problem. We've created the simplest NCsoft Ncoin (KR) top up guide.

Important Note: NCSoft NCoins (KR) can only be used for Lineage II 리니지2 : 아덴 대서사시 (KR)