Nintendo eShop Gift Card (MX)

Nintendo eShop Gift Card (MX)

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Important Note:Nintendo Wii U/3DS eShop Prepaid Card (MX) sold by SEA Gamer Mall is Region Locked. It is only VALID for accounts registered in Mexico.

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About Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Buy a Nintendo eShop Gift Card and start shopping on the eShop! Redeem the gift card directly into your Nintendo account via Nintendo's, Nintendo Switch, Wii or the 3DS eShop. Once redeemed, you can start buying any Nintendo games available on the eShop.

Nintendo Switch Online

The Nintendo eShop Gift Card can also be used to begin a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Here are the benefits of subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online:

Online Play

Play online with other players be it co-op or battle in games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online

Enjoy classic NES games with newly added online support! Titles are addded regularly.

Save Data Cloud

With your save data backed up regularly, you can easily retrive them anywhere, anytime.

Smartphone App

Enhance your Switch experience with the smartphone app that lets you voice call other players when playing online.

Special Offers

Enjoy member-exclusive deals and purchase limited edition products!

How to redeem Nintendo eShop Gift Card?

  1. Select the Nintendo eShop icon in the HOME menu.
  2. Scroll left and select "Add Funds."
  3. Select "Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card."
  4. Enter the 16-character activation code from the back of the Nintendo eShop gift card, then select "OK" to complete the transaction.

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  • Simone Ranalli
  • Simone Ranalli
    no problems with the keys
  • V Kinkel
    This was my first time ever purchasing with SEAGM. The payment method is working well with my country and the service is fast. There is no problem at all :)