Parchis Club Gift Card

Parchis Club Gift Card

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Parchis Club Gift Card - Parchis Club 200 Gem
Parchis Club 200 Gem

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Purchase Limit: 1 ~ 10
US$ 2.27
SEAGM Credits 1,088
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About Parchis Club Gift Card

Roll the dice and have a blast with Parchis Club!

Parchisi Club is an exciting online multiplayer board dice game that allows you to challenge friends and family from anywhere in the world. Similar to Ludo, but with it's own unique set of rules and strategies.

In Parchisi, players race their pawns around the board to be the first to reach the finish line. However, strategic moves are crucial, as players you can only move your pawns when it's your turn, and you can't block your opponents from moving their pawns. If you land on a space with an opponent's pawn, you send it back to the start.

Parchisi Club is a fun and challenging game that's perfect for anyone who loves board games. So what are you waiting for? Download Parchis Club today and start your gaming adventure!

Buy Parchis Club Gift Card on SEAGM

  1. To buy Parchis Club Gift Card on SEAGM, simply follow these steps:
  2. Go to the SEAGM website and search for "Parchis Club Gift Card".
  3. Select the amount of Parchis Club Gift Card you wish to purchase.
  4. Select your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.
  5. You will receive the Parchis Club Gift Card on your SEAGM account under the "My Cards" section.
  6. To retrieve the Parchis Club Gift Card, simply enter your SEAGM login password.

How to redeem Parchis Club Gift Card?

  1. Visit to Moonfrog Website through any internet browser on your PC or Smartphone.
  2. Enter the code which you purchase from SEAGM by clicking on "My Card" in the box shown.
  3. Click Redeem. And Enjoy!
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