Gangstar New York

Gangstar New York

GAMELOFT English Global PC

About Gangstar New York

The Surveillance Network

Aurora, Inc. - a massive tech conglomerate - has launched an algorithmic surveillance network that watches over New York, stopping even the smallest crimes before they start. However, they turn the cameras off for 20-minute intervals… when they need plausible deniability to test “experimental technological initiatives” on the citizens.

20 players, 20 minutes, 1 winner

When the cameras are off, all of us aspiring gangsters compete in a citywide crime competition to score as much cash as possible. The winner of each round is crowned Gangstar, and is showered with all the fame and accolades New York has to offer!

Bag it up

All the cash you collect is stored in your money bag, worn as a backpack. Steal what you can and defeat other players to take their bags and add their riches to yours before they come back for revenge.

The Experiments

Every match is different, as game parameters change temporarily due to the experiments run by Aurora Inc. on the whole city (Lunar Gravity, Electric Floor, Heavy Fog, and more). In order to win, adapt to the situation and play to your strengths.

Level playing field

Everyone starts the match with no gear and just a handgun, with opportunities to gear up and make a quick buck everywhere on the map. Look for gun shops to buy special weapons with the cash you collected.

Action-packed PVPVE open world

Compete and cause chaos in near-future New York City, from the lowest gutter to the highest skyscraper. Explore, parkour, zipline, jetpack, steal, have aerial battles, and race around, up, and over New York.

The Contenders

Collect character skins inspired by various gangster typologies, with different looks and personalities. Choose who you play as and show off your style in the winner’s screen and to everyone in the lobby before and after each match!

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