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Verified NCSOFT (KR) Account

  • Jogo: Blade & Soul 블레이드앤소울 (KR)
  • Servidor: Todo servidor.
  • Desconto de sócios: Nenhuma
  • Preço: US$ 3.55
  • Estoque: 0
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How to buy Blade & Soul 블레이드앤소울 (KR) game account?

Select Verified NCSOFT (KR) Account and enter quantity
Checkout & Make Payment
LiveChat Support to get order processed
Retrieve Verified NCSOFT (KR) Account login information from My Game Accounts Page
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Important Note About Verified Blade & Soul (KR) Account

Account information

- This is a Verified Blade & Soul (KR) Account.

- All account sold are guaranteed work for 7 days only. Excluding those account been restricted due to IP Geolocation, Botting, and Hacking.

- Login credential include Name and DOB which need for password reset will be delivered. Verification code to reset password which send to email will only provide upon request.

- Brand new account, customer must update login password after confirm account are working fine. 

- A Korean IP VPN or Proxies shall use for gameplay. Frequent change of login IP might get your account blocked or trigger cellphone re-verification again.

- Unable to re-verify Korean cellphone. We not able to do anything once account is blocked or re-verification required.

- Account sold are not returnable nor refundable.

-Do not set OTP


  • Para garantir que estoques estão disponíveis a sua encomenda, favor VERIFICAR E CONFIRMAR A DISPONIBILIDADE DE ESTOQUES através de atendimento ao cliente via LiveChat antes de fazer o pagamento, mesmo que você veja "EM ESTOQUE". Isso ocorre porque os estoques podem ser comprados por outros clientes antes de fazer o pagamento.