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About Goddess MUA

Goddess MUA is a MMORPG mobile game with the world of Goddesses and monsters. In this world, the player will become the master of Goddesses, encounter diverse Goddesses with different personalities, and even capture their lovely heart!


    【Goddess Evolution& Fate Origin】
  • You will be the Soul Lord in the game. Summon your goddess and cultivate them: you are the witness of their growth from a tiny soul to the powerful goddess. Just sign the soul link with them, arouse them, and intensify them! The sexy and charming fox, pure and lovely unicorn, proud and elegant phoenix, and other goddesses will all accompany you to begin this journey!
  • 【Free Perspective& Exciting Hunting】
  • A free perspective of 360° to view the beautiful and immersive fantasy world. Step to the world with ghost and danger and slay the boss king to get the precious drop rewards.
  • Challenge, slaughter, conquer, victory, and peace: participate in the history and win the rare pet&mount treasure.
  • 【Tame Monsters& Mutual Trust】
  • Stand on the whale and wander across the fairyland.
  • Hold the cute pets and jump into the magical land.
  • This is a trip with assistance and trust.
  • 【Various Styling& Customized Design】
  • Decorate yourself in game and become the shiny one you want.
  • Adjust your role appearance via changing clothes, dye to other colors, and trying different shapes.
  • Show your beauty to the world and everyone can be the Macy Daddy.
  • 【Love World& Happy Together】
  • Find your romantic love in game and start the adventure together!

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