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Japan Webmoney (Yen¥)

Japan Webmoney (Yen¥)

  • Region: Japan
  • Desconto de sócios: Guestsócio 0%
  • Important Note: Japan Webmoney are strictly for Japan Games only.


  • Men: 1 Máx: 50
  • Livre: Nenhuma
  • Total : $ 5.88
  • Disconto : Nenhuma
  • Créditos SEAGM : 2,469

About Japan Webmoney

Japan WebMoney is a simple straightforward safe prepaid way to pay for goods and services online in Japan. If you are familiar with any other prepaid services such as zGold-MOLPoints or Paysafecard, WebMoney is a no-brainer. It is widely accepted as an alternative payment method to credit cards and debit cards. WebMoney JP comes handy if you do not live in Japan!