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QQ Coin 腾讯Q币 (CN)

QQ Coin 腾讯Q币 (CN)

  • Region: China
  • Member Discount: Guestmember 0%
  • QQ Card 中国腾讯Q币 Q点
    Kindly reload the full value of the QQ coin at ONE time to avoid any inconvenience caused.


Choose Card Type

  • Min: 1 Max: 200
  • Free: none
  • Total : $ 1.63
  • Discount : none
  • SEAGM Credits : 677

About QQ Coin

QQ Coin is the virtual currency payment for Tencent's online games and services. It can be used to pay for 王者荣耀,QQ VIP memberships and many more.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: QQ coin must be redeemed immediately after the code has been delivered! You agreed to the terms and conditions once the order has been placed.

Faster Way to Top Up QQ Coin

QQ Coin Direct Top Up service provided by SEA Gamer Mall is a faster way for user to reload their QQ account with QQ Coin. It can be done in a few steps to get QQ directly into user's QQ wallet. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to QQ Coin Direct Top Up page.
  2. Enter your QQ account number and choose the top up amount.
  3. Checkout and make payment
  4. Once payment is done, QQ Coin will be top up automatically into your QQ account.