全明星街球派对 點劵&通行證 (HMT)

全明星街球派对 點劵&通行證 (HMT)

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全明星街球派对 點劵&通行證 (HMT) - 60 點劵
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About 全明星街球派对 點劵&通行證 (港澳台)

"Bringing talent back to the streets"

"All-Star Streetball Party" is a 3V3 street basketball mobile game officially authorized by the NBPA (National Basketball Association Players Association) and a street basketball competitive mobile game developed by NetEase. Players can control Curry, James and many other stars competed. On this day, basketball stars all over the world received a mysterious invitation. Driven by curiosity, they came to the city of basketball and enjoyed a rare vacation here. In addition to playing freely on the street court, you can also lead the street style with trendy fashions and create unique customized sneakers; play with funny toys with friends and announce the start of the game with a cool entrance; participate in fitness training to continuously improve yourself on the court. abilities; and join different leagues to strive for glory for your own court. Old rivals, new friends, a different street competition system, everything has just begun...

[All-star lineup, famous stars return to the streets]

Officially authorized by NBPA (National Basketball Association Players Association), basketball superstars appear on the stage, super long three-pointers , slam dunk from behind, step-back mid-range shot, and other rich actions, as well as extreme micro-management, restore famous scenes of star players in minutes!

[Become Jeremy Lin! Let’s go crazy with street basketball bullfighting]

Official spokesperson Jeremy Lin will lead the party to bring you back the most authentic "crazy" moment. Become Linsanity's ball-handling core, control the situation with three-pointers, and dominate the streets with other star players!

[The first 11-point game, scoring points at a super fast pace to win]

The first 11-point game mode, the rhythm is super cool and fast, say goodbye to garbage time, every round is an extreme attack and full defense, relying on operation and cooperation to score points Score points to win in seconds, play it anytime, anywhere.

[Victory is more than just micro-management, become a coach and arrange the troops]

In the dynasty mode, break down the barriers of operation and management, become a coach to form your dream superstar lineup, formulate tactics or manual micro-management, switch at any time within the game, and create your street dynasty.

[Fun hot zone gameplay, double the game in a new mode]

The original 21-point hot zone game breaks the traditional competitive tactical framework. The bonus point area is randomly refreshed every round, and offensive and defensive games are launched around the hot zone. You can use exquisite coordination and unique tactics to play easily. The moment you make a comeback, the excitement is doubled!

[Innovative league system, form teams to compete in the arena]

There is no brother without basketball, follow the basketball spirit you admire in the league system, create an arena with your friends, form a team to compete, and challenge for the highest honor side by side in the arena competition.

[Original fashion brands from the sneaker workshop, free matching of many fashions]

There are many original fashion brands of different styles in the game, with 8 parts open for free combinations. Street style is defined by the players themselves; there is also an original sneaker workshop system, Create unique and exclusive boots.


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