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About RO: Click H5

RO: Click H5 is a mobile action click RPG and the title is focused on making it very easy to use skills and obtain items with a simple click on the device. This game has made additional improvements by adding tutorials and other in-game features!

  • Unique transmission upgrade system!
  • Live chat with lots and lots of emoticons!
  • Control the game with the tip of your finger.
  • Countless Ragnarok Heroes to collect!
  • Enjoy both farming and using unique skills with a single click!
  • Fight countless monsters in many memorable stages.

RO Click H5 Emperium or Pack Buying Steps:

  • Only Account Code & Nickname is needed for RO Click H5 Emperium top-up.
  • You may stay logged in throughout the transaction, once the top-up is completed, please claim your RO Click H5 Emperiumvia your in-game mailbox.
  • Please enter your Account Code correctly to avoid delay on Emperium or Pack top-up.

How to find RO Click H5 Account Code and Nickname:

  1. Open the game and enter the Game Lobby.
  2. Click in-game “Settings”.
  3. Your RO Click H5 Account Code and Nickname will be displayed.
how to find roclickh5 account code

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