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Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

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  • Cyber Hunter Top Up
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About Cyber Hunter Top Up

Cyber Hunter is an open sandbox battle royale game. The mechanics of the Cyber Hunter Game are very similar to Fornite and Creative Destruction. In Cyber Hunter, you will land on a beautiful 6-by-6 square kilometer massive map. You can climb any vertical object. Using the cube, you can build structures like Watchtower, Shield, Fortress, Ramps and much more. Your mission is to keep yourself alive until last and be the last one on the battleground. There are many things you can do to become champion in Cyber Hunter like choose a good landing spot, make decisions quickly and accurately, don’t rush and camp in the building, keep an eye everywhere and be aware of snipers!

Important Information:

  • Only User ID is needed for Cyber Hunter Credits top-up.
  • You may stay logged in throughout the transaction, once the top up is completed, you will receive the Credits in your Cyber Hunter account.
  • Please enter your account Info correctly to avoid delay on Credits top-up.