Mobily Recharge Card (SA)

Mobily Recharge Card (SA)

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Mobily Recharge Card (SA)

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About Mobily Recharge Card

Buy your Mobily Recharge Card online, Top Up your Mobile phone or Recharge family and friends mobile phones worldwide!

How to recharge mobily recharge card or voucher

About Mobily Recharge Card Value Added Tax (VAT):

  • Mobily recharge cards will have prices imprinted, inclusive of 15% VAT.
  • All billed services will be subject to the new 15% VAT which includes package monthly fee, subscriptions fee to services, buying devices, devices instalment fees, setup fees, replacement fees, security fees, advance deposits, penalty amounts, billed amount for additional rated use outside package resources which includes for example purpose; calls, data, messages for local or international or roaming cases. 15% VAT will be applied on all billed amounts from 1 Jul 2020.

    Example of VAT implementation:

  • A customer subscripted to Postpaid 100 package with monthly fee of SR 100 and have additional subscription for 1 GB data bundle for SR 30 monthly. Total billed amount before VAT is SR 130 (SR 100 + 30) with additional VAT of SR 19.5 (SR 130 x 15%) to make a total of SR 149.5 including VAT (SR 130 + 19.5).
Recharge Voucher Price (VAT Inclusive) Balance
Recharge Voucher 20 20 SAR 17.39 SAR
Recharge Voucher 25 25 SAR 21.74 SAR
Recharge Voucher 30 34.5 SAR 30 SAR
Recharge Voucher 50 57.5 SAR 50 SAR
Recharge Voucher 100 115 SAR 100 SAR

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  • Sri Yanto
    good.. i'm satisfied
  • Turki M Alsubaey
  • iki channel
    Good application