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Shengfu Card 盛付一卡通 (CN)

Shengfu Card 盛付一卡通 (CN)

  • Member Discount : Guest member 3 %
  • 中国盛付一卡通
    Please redeem ShengFu Card through this website:可消费平台:http://www.990371.com/c

Choose Card Type

  • Min : 1 Max : 200
  • Free : none
  • Total : US$ 1.53
  • Discount : none
  • SEAGM Credits : 595

请注意 ! 重要提示:

  • 1. 从2016年9月5日起,盛大一卡通将不再通用,我们网站点数的序号全为801337/801338开头卡号的盛付通数娱卡。
  • 2. 盛付一卡通只能在这平台消费(http://http://www.990371.com/c)。

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Disclaimer :

  • Does not include manuals, Installation CDs, box, physical card or other physical elements.
  • You will be able to view your code(s) in My Game Card page after your order is processed.
  • Refunds on pre-order items are available 2 weeks prior to product release.