Tarisland Crystals & Packages (NA/EU)

Tarisland Crystals & Packages (NA/EU)

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    North America
Important Note: This Top-Up Service is only available for Tarisland User ID registered under the NA & EU region, except for the EE region.
Tarisland Crystals & Packages (NA/EU) - 60 Crystals
60 Crystals
Discount: 7.0%

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About Tarisland

Tarisland is a MMORPG, where players can choose from different professions, such as warrior, mage, ranger, priest, each with unique skills and attributes.

In this Tarisland, players can explore a world full of magic and legends, including forests, deserts, and cities. Players can team up with other players to complete quests, adventure, and battle, and also interact with NPCs to accept missions and challenges.

The game has a rich equipment and item system, where players can obtain different equipment and items through quests and defeating monsters, as well as crafting and trading for better equipment and items.

Additionally, the game also features a rich social system, where players can join guilds, participate in guild wars, chat, and make friends to enjoy the game together.


How to top up Tarisland Crystals & Packages?

  1. Select the Crystals or Packages denomination.
  2. Enter your User ID and Server.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, Tarisland Crystals or Packages will credited to your account shortly.

How to find Tarisland User ID and Server?

  1. Log in to the game using your account.
  2. Tap the "Menu" located in the lower right corner of the map
  3. In the Menu section, tap the "Settings" icon.
  4. Your Tarisland User ID and Server will be displayed.


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