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MasterCard Gift Card (EUR)

MasterCard Gift Card (EUR)

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    European Union
Important Note: Only applicable for Europe region users with Europe address.
MasterCard Gift Card (EUR) - Mastercard Gift Card (EU) 5 EUR
Mastercard Gift Card (EU) 5 EUR
$ 6.48
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    $ 6.48
    SEAGM Tín dụng 2,726
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About Mastercard Gift Card (EU)

There has been never been easier to give a gift. MasterCard Gift Card is the perfect gift for everyone all the time. It's great for birthdays, graduations, holidays and everything else. Simple and easy to use and well-received.

Your reward will be delivered to you via SEAGM account. Simply click the link and the choice is then yours!

Benefits of MasterCard Gift Card

  • Worldwide acceptance. Just use MasterCard Gift Card wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.
  • The digital reward website provides balance information and transaction history to help you keep track of all your rewards.

How MasterCard Gift Card (EU) works?

  1. To redeem your reward, please click here.
  2. Retrieve the digital token via your SEAGM account and insert the token in the column and click "Continue".
  3. Next, the redemption site will ask you to provide your name, address and email to be associated with your MasterCard Gift Card.
  4. Select a Virtual MasterCard Gift Card, ready for immediate use online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

ALERT: You will have 4 months to redeem your reward. Once activated, you'll have 12 months to use your Gift Card wherever Mastercard is accepted. Please note that some merchants may choose not to accept out of country currency at their own discretion. If this occurs, pay for your purchase by another payment method and use your MasterCard Gift Card at a different merchant.

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