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New MiniBattle Diamonds

New MiniBattle Diamonds

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About New Minibattle Diamonds

New MiniBattle: Classic Return is a lovely and casual ballistic shooting game! It has a variety of competitive modes such as 3v3,2v2,1v1 Of intense competition. Choose the most powerful weapon and calculate your shooting angle to eliminate the enemies and monsters! Cross-server real-time matchmaking and team up with your friends to get to the highest level in the hall of honor!Easy to get the start, and have ultimate shooting experience! Realistic visual effects, personalized special move, and excitability shooting battle! Now, it's time for shooting and start smashing our enemies and monsters!

How to top up New Minibattle Diamonds?

  1. Select the Diamonds you need.
  2. Enter your Role ID.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, your purchased will be credited to your account shortly.

How to check New Minibattle Diamonds Role ID?

  1. Use your account to log into the game.
  2. Open in-game Setting.
  3. Your Role ID will displayed at personal info.