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U TakeMe Coupon

U TakeMe Coupon

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    $ 3.55
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About U TakeMe

U TakeMethe limitless entertainment application. Find friend, find a partner and livestream video call with good-looking guys

and celebrity intimately.

The forefront application to meet with people around the world,

unlimited chat and endless fun.

[ Private video call ]

You can have a video chat with good-looking guys privately anytime and anywhere.

[ Interactive chat ]

Chat with the followers, create your own popularity to be well-known.

[ Send gifts ]

The precious gifts to the people who deserve e.g. heart, flower, sports cars, good fairy and much more.

How to top-up U TakeMe Coupon?

  1. Enter your TM ID and select the top up amount.
  2. Check out and select your payment method.
  3. Once payment made, U TakeMe Coupon will credited to your U TakeMe account shortly.

How to find U TakeMe TM ID?

  1. Enter U TakeMe app.
  2. Go to "Profile" page.
  3. The TM ID will display under your nickname.