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Dota Auto Chess Candy

Dota Auto Chess Candy

  • Khu vực: Global
  • Giảm giá cho thành viên: GuestThành viên 0%
  • Buy candies, the special currency to spend it for the couriers' new skins~~
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  • Nhỏ nhất : 1 Lớn nhất : 10
  • Miễn phí : Không có
  • Tổng số : $ 2.86
  • Giảm giá : $ 0.32 ( 10 %)
  • SEAGM Credits : 1,194

About DOTA Auto Chess

DOTA Auto Chess is a custom map developed by Drodo Studio for Dota 2. It is a game that emphasizes fast and fluid gameplay that simultaneously avoids the emphasis on APM and twitch-like reflexes. The way you play your pieces matters far more than how fast you can click! As a custom mode, it's available for free from the Steam Workshop.

How much does a courier costs?

A courier in DOTA Auto Chess costs 40 Candy.

How do I earn Auto Chess Candy for free?

Play the game and achieve the Top 3 position. There's a 10 Candy limit per 24 hours.

How is the Number of Candy reward determined?

Random number of pieces for the Top 3 finishers from 1 Candy to 5 Candy.

About Dota Auto Chess Candy Prepaid Card

How to Redeem Dota Auto Chess Candy?

  1. Enter the DOTA2 game lobby and select ARCADE.
  2. Select the Dota2 Auto Chess room.
  3. Start Dota2 Auto Chess.
  4. After entering the game, select the Courier warehouse in the upper left corner.
  5. DOTA Auto Chess Courier Warehouse
  6. Enter the redemption code you purchased in the upper right corner of the window that opens.
  7. DOTA Auto Chess Candy Activation