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LOL SEA (Garena MY & SG); Lv30, 31k BE Unranked

  • Game: League of Legends (LOL SEA)
  • Máy chủ: Toàn bộ server
  • Giảm giá cho thành viên: Không có
  • Giá: US$ 13.49
  • Kho: 0
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How to buy League of Legends (LOL SEA) game account?

Select LOL SEA (Garena MY & SG); Lv30, 31k BE Unranked and enter quantity
Checkout & Make Payment
LiveChat Support to get order processed
Retrieve LOL SEA (Garena MY & SG); Lv30, 31k BE Unranked login information from My Game Accounts Page
Order Completed

Important Note for League of Legends (Garena MY & SG) Account:-

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How to buy League of Legends (Garena MY & SG) Account?

  • 1. All account information is in the title.

  • 2. Please login and check level and influence point are correct after delivery.

  • 3. Report to Support immediately via LiveChat if you have any issues with the account. Thereafter, we will not replace the account for whatever reason.

  • 4. Please change the account information immediately after validate the account.

  • 5.All account sold are guaranteed work for 1 days only. Excluding those account been restricted due to IP Geolocation, Botting, and Hacking.

Important steps to be done after purchasing League of Legends (Garena MY & SG) account:

  • 1. Change Account Password.

  • 2. Change Email to your own email.

  • 3. Verify your email.

  • Warning: All accounts have unverified email, please change the email to your email FIRST. DO NOT click verify before changing email. We will not be able to reset it for you.


  • Để chắc chắn kho có sẵn cho đơn đặt hàng của bạn, Vui lòng KIỂM TRA VÀ XÁC MINH SỰ SẴN CÓ CỦA KHO với nhân viên chăm sóc khách hàng thông qua LiveChat trước khi thực hiện thanh toán, thậm chí khi bạn nhìn thấy "CÒN HÀNG". Điều này cần thiết vì khách hàng khác có thể mua trước khi bạn thực hiện thanh toán.