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World of Warcraft (EU) Gold

  • Server: Ner'Zhul - Horde
  • Member Discount: none
  • Price: $ 0.95 / 10k Golds
  • Min: 100k Max: 10m

  • Quantity: 10k

  • Free: none
  • Total: $ 9.49
  • Discount: $ 0.01 (1%)
  • SEAGM Credits: 3,971

Current Promotion:

Buy 50k Discount: 1%
Buy 200k Discount: 2%

WoW Gold Important Note:

Never trade back any WoW gold that was traded or mailed for whatever reason. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS INSTRUCTION.


  • Game currency stocks for popular games may be bought by customers in large volume or there are many customers buying at the same time. To ensure stocks is available for your order, kindly CHECK AND CONFIRM STOCKS AVAILABILITY via customer service officer via LiveChat before making payment even though you see STOCK IN. This is because stocks may be purchased by other customers before you make payment.
  • SEA Gamer Mall trade orders based on first come first basis for PAID orders.
  • All in-game currency pricing changes from time to time.
  • Only paid orders will locked in in-game currency price in the event of price change.
  • In the event of a price change and you've place an order without contacting customer service office to pay your order, YOU MUST MAKE a new order.


  • Purchasing in-game currency has some risk which may result in possible account suspension or termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.
  • Customers should NEVER trade back or mail back gold that we traded or mailed. We will never ask customer to return any gold traded or mailed.

Current Server

Ner'Zhul - Horde

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