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World of Warcraft (US) Normal The Emerald Nightmare Personal Loot

  • Game: World of Warcraft (US)
  • Member Discount: none
  • Price: US$ 60.31


Product Description:
•We will play your character with us to clear The Emerald Nightmare (Normal) in Personal Loot mode (or get 1-2 pieces of ilvl 850 gears).
•If you have Seal of Broken Fate, maybe you can get more gears by Seal of Broken Fate.
•Character Level 110 & Item Level 840+.
•We need to login your account.
  • Pending time
    1 day
  • Game server
  • Account name
  • Character name
  • Remark
  • Total: US$ 60.31
  • SEAGM Credits: 24,598