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FPT Gate Card (VN)

FPT Gate Card (VN)

  • 地區: Vietnam
  • 會員折扣: Guest會員 0%
  • Important Note: FPT Gate Card (Vietnam) Support all games under Gate Vietnam Games Portal.




  • 最少數量: 1 最多數量: 10
  • 贈送:
  • 總價 : $ 0.44
  • 折扣 :
  • SEAGM Credits : 183

Important notes regarding FPT Gate Cards on private MU servers:

  • SEA Gamer Mall is NOT affiliated with any MU Origins private servers that use FPT Gate cards for top ups.
  • Due to the MU Origin servers being private, there are potential problems in redeeming FPT Gate cards.
  • If customers have problems in redeeming the code, kindly contact the game's relevant admin immediately as this is the game's server error, codes sold by SEA Gamer Mall are always valid to use.
  • Customers are encouraged to contact the game's admin to check on the game account top ups first, before reporting on card errors with SEAGM customer supports.