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EU West; Lv30, 30k IP Unranked

  • 遊戲: League of Legends (LOL EU)
  • 服務器: 全部服務器
  • 會員折扣:
  • 價格: US$ 17.24
  • 庫存: 1+
  • 最少數量: 1 最多數量: 1
  • 總價: US$ 17.24
  • SEAGM Credits: 7,600

如何購買 League of Legends (LOL EU) 遊戲賬號?

選擇 EU West; Lv30, 30k IP Unranked 並輸入數量
請通過 LiveChat 聯系客服處理訂單
查看 EU West; Lv30, 30k IP Unranked 賬號信息從 我的遊戲賬號 頁面

How to buy League of Legends Account?

  • 1. All account information is in the title.

  • 2. Please check level and influence point are correct after delivery.

  • 3. If any information is incorrect, please contact customer service via Live Chat ASAP.

  • 4. Please change the account information immediately after login to check the account.

Important steps to be done after purchasing League of Legends account:

  • 1. Change Account Password.

  • 2. Change Email to your own email.

  • 3. Verify your email.

  • Warning: All accounts have unverified email, please change the email to your email FIRST. DO NOT click verify before changing email. We will not be able to reset it for you.

What you will get?

  • 1. A Lv.30 League of Legends Account on region of your choice.

  • 2. Includes Influence Points of your choice in the Game Account.

  • 3. Includes Full Account Details.


  • 購買前,請與客服查詢和確認我們是否貨源充足。