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新墨香 Xin Mo Xiang 點卡

About 新墨香 Mo Xiang @Cash Top Up

How to Top Up 新墨香 Mo Xiang YuanBao?

You need to login with PLAY ID to top up 新墨香 Mo Xiang. There are two steps to get 新墨香 Mo Xiang YuanBao.

Top up PLAY ID account balance.

  1. Go to 新墨香 Mo Xiang official website.
  2. Click Top Up (充值).
  3. At the Select Payment Option Page, click DIRECT TOP UP TO THE GAME.
  4. Login with your PLAY ID or VIETNAM LOGIN ID.
  5. After you've login, click Top Up button.
  6. Select @Cash as Payment Method.
  7. Enter Card Code/Serial and Card Password. Next Click Top Up button to complete your top up to your PLAY ID account.

Buy YuanBao

  • Finally, click Renewal Moxiang and follow on screen steps to purchase YuanBao for your 新墨香 Mo Xiang




  • 無說明書、安裝光盤、包裝盒、實體卡和其它實體物品。
  • 一旦交易完成,您可在點卡查看頁面 獲取虛擬點數。
  • 若是預訂産品,可以在正式發貨前兩個星期要求退款。