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Pokémon GO - Lv 20 PTC Account

  • 遊戲: Pokémon GO
  • 服務器: 全部服務器
  • 會員折扣:
  • 價格: US$ 1.34
  • 庫存: 0
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Pokémon GO - Lv 20 PTC Account

The Pokémon GO accounts that we are selling is Pokémon Trainer Club account with Lv 20 Trainer.

Account Details:-

  • Name are yet to set

  • Team are yet to choose

  • ** 25 - 75 Pokémon

  • ** 25,000 - 75,000 Stardust


** Estimated figure only as each account have unique route to leveling and evolving Pokémon. Amount of Pokémon and Stardust are vary and might be lesser than estimated figure listed.

Instant delivery of game account login credential which consists of PTC login credential.

All account sold are STRICTLY guarantee for 5 days from the time delivered. Customer are advised to check IMMEDIATELY as soon as account received and then update login password via following URL.

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  • 購買前,請與客服查詢和確認我們是否貨源充足。