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6500 GEMS

  • 游戏: 部落冲突皇室战争
  • 服务器: iOS
  • 会员折扣:
  • 价格: US$ 38.27 / 1package


Important Infomation:

* Only applicable for iOS Clash Royale players whose account has never link to a Android device

* Players who started playing on Android device and linked to iOS device CANNOT use Clash Royale Gems Topup Service. After using our Top up service, you may not connect it to Google account.

* Orders can only be traded within 10AM-10PM (GMT +8 Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Beijing time). Any orders that are outside this time period, our agent will perform the topup as soon as they start work.

* Please change your Apple ID login password to a simple one such as 123456ABC@

* Our customer service will contact you once the topup is done. 

* You SHOULD CHANGE your password back to your usual password and check the GEMS amount is correct after the gems topup is completed.

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存货: 库存充足
  • 最少数量: 1 最多数量: 10
  • 数量: 1
  • 赠送:
  • 总价: US$ 38.27
  • 折扣:
  • SEAGM 信用点: 17,000


  • 购买前,请与客服查询和确认我们是否货源充足。