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Garena Card GG貝殼幣 (台灣)

Garena Card GG貝殼幣 (台灣)

  • 国家地区: Taiwan
  • 会员折扣: Guest会员 3.0%
  • Garena Card GG貝殼幣 (Taiwan)



  • 最少数量 : 1 最多数量 : 100
  • 赠送 : 无结果
  • 总价 : $ 3.23
  • 折扣 : 无结果
  • SEAGM 信用点 : 1,340

About Garena Shells Taiwan

What is Garena Shells?

Garena Shells is the online currency of Garena gaming platform and Garena operated games. Garena users can use their Garena Shells to purchase in-game items, products and services.

How to reload Garena account with Garena Shells?

  1. Login to your Garena Account.
  2. Go to Garena Shells Payment page and click Garena貝殼幣序號.
  3. Enter your Garena Shell Prepaid Card Card Pin (貝殼幣密碼), tick to agree on the terms and then click下一步:進行認證流程.
  4. Follow the on screen instruction to complete the top up.