She and The Light Bearer

She and The Light Bearer

Toge Productions English Global PC Mobile Nintendo Switch

About She and The Light Bearer

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Welcome to the forest, O Bearer of Light.

Come and see beings of fairy tale who welcome thee.

Dancing grasses, laughing flowers, in hope and tears, the Forest cheers.

Come and hear stories and wisdom, treasured so dear.

Stay and ponder, stay and wander. Learn the wisdom, reach the answer.

Come in deeper, O Light Bearer, into the Forest's heart.

Where the light fails to penetrate and the truth slumbers so deeply.

Come and find... find the Mother.

Meet Firefly

Follow the Journey of the Little Firefly to seek The Mother deep inside the heart of the unknown forest! Though, this journey won't be easy for such a bug. The Little Firefly has to earn the forest trust and prove their worth by solving riddles, challenges, and puzzles. Deeper into the forest, Our Little Firefly will learn the sacrifice of the forest, the horror of the Devourers, and the secret to awaken Mother.