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About Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul officially launched on January 19th, 2016 in Western territories.

Blade & Soul is an action-oriented MMORPG developed by Team Bloodlust and published by NCSoft. Based on the creative mind of the famous South Korean artist Hyung Tae-Kim, Blade & Soul brings the world of Asian martial arts fantasy to life in this massively multiplayer online universe. Create your hero. Hone your martial arts skills. Unlock the secrets of Qing Gong. Choose your faction. Conquer your enemies. Bring honor to your clan.

Where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and steel, Blade & Soul is set in a beautiful and diverse world. Featuring a deep and cinematic story, this action-combat MMORPG from SCSOFT throws you into the visual beauty of the Far East. A world of honour, betrayal, redemption and revenge awaits you. Defeat your enemies in this fast-paced, combo-driven action combat system in PvE Dungeons or 1v1 PvP Arena battles!

Key Features of Blade & Soul

A few key features of Blade & Soul include the White Sandraider, which is the perfect outfit for a stroll on the sands, Sheep Headgear, which is really cute as a rosy-cheeked sheep hat, the Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soup (x2) which doubles your XP gain from combat for 30 minutes, and the Hongmoon Brilliant Viridian Key which opens locked weapon chests in the Viridian area with a guaranteed weapon for your class.

Other key features are the Hongmoon Brilliant Cinderlands Key which opens locked weapon chests in the Cinerlands area, the Hongmoon Unsealing Charm (x10) which removes the seal on certain items so that you can use said items, the Hongmoon Key (x10) to open locked chests and the Lucky Healing Tonic (x10) to recover 5,000 HP instantly and increase your HP recovery for a short time. 

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