Prohibited Content Policy

Content that falls under the following categories is strictly prohibited:

  • Any content that is sold or intended for use in illegal activities, or violates the rights of any third party, including privacy, intellectual property, and other proprietary rights.
  • Content of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature, or designed exclusively for adults.
  • Content associated with tobacco, alcohol, weapons, drugs, or drug paraphernalia.
  • Content related to gambling, betting, lotteries, or games of chance involving monetary transactions, as well as financial trading products or services.
  • Content containing viruses, malware, or any other harmful computer code or programs.
  • Content that is defamatory, abusive, threatening, or harmful, including insults, disrespect, or contempt towards any religion, individual, or entity.
  • Content that insults or disrespects any country, government, government official, or community.
  • Content that goes against public policy in the jurisdictions where the merchant operates, or that may cause public unrest or strain international relationships.
  • Content that deceives or misleads, particularly targeting children and youths.
  • Content containing false or misleading information.
  • Content related to prohibited products, services, or digital content as determined by SEAGM, at its sole discretion.
  • Content related to non-fiat currency particularly cryptocurrency mining, staking, initial coin offerings and Secondary NFT sales.
  • Content that violates applicable laws, rules, or regulations in any relevant jurisdiction.

Payment Method

SEAGM doesn’t offer Cryptocurrency as a payment method on our platform.