RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War

About RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War

Defend and siege strongholds in the world of middle age empires and medieval warcraft!

Give commands to each unit or whole army with convenient control.

Collect resources and evolve economy in real time. Don't worry about loosing progress with a autosaving system. Play portrait or vertical orientation.

Build anything and train melee, archers or cavalry without artificial timers.

- Medieval castles with walls of stone and wood!

- Build catapultsand other warcraft to break the walls!

- Archers, melee and cavalry are ready to defend your stronghold.

- Naval units, fishing boats and ships

- Capture and protect mines to get strategic resources

- Comfort micromanagement in full 3D

- Save/load game and autosaving

- Different types of missions in campaign!

- Custom game with random bots

- Play portrait or landscape orientation!

- Can be played offline

RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War - Video