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Launched in 2003, Steam is now one of the most popular PC gaming platforms in the world. It has something for everyone and has a library of over 30,000 games that you can choose from.

You can connect with other gamers, chat and play the latest games with Steam. The free Steam client allows you to store and play all your favourite games anytime & anywhere.

What is Steam Wallet Code?

Steam Wallet Code is the digital banking tool that is connected to your Steam account. With Steam Wallet Code, you do not need a credit card to add funds to your Steam Wallet. You will be able to store prepaid credit and reload the balance when you need to.

What will I get with Steam Wallet Card / Code?

You will have instant access to all the games that you want to play as well as exclusive deals, and automatic game updates.

You will also be able to meet new people and join game groups. Form clans with over 75 million potential friends and have fun playing games that you love. You will be able to use the in-game cats to connect with your new found friends.

You will also be able to create and share content, giving you the opportunity to shape the future of the games you love.

Does Steam only work on PC?

No, not anymore! Whether you’re on a PC, Mac, Linux box or a mobile device, you can now enjoy all the benefits of Steam. You can even use it with your television! This means you can use Steam no matter where you are. Just make sure you have lots of disk space so that you can download all your favourite games!

Can I transfer my Steam Wallet funds to another account?

No, Steam Wallet funds are tied to the account it was redeemed on so you will not be able to transfer it to another account. However, you can always easily get another Steam Gift Card code to top up the account.

Steam Wallet Code is the perfect gift for gamers

If you have a friend or family member who loves to play games, Steam credit is an excellent gift for them. They can use it to purchase in-game content and add-ons and even download movies to watch. As there is no expiration date for Steam credit, it can be used any time it is convenient.

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