Awakening of Dragon (SEA)

Awakening of Dragon (SEA)

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About Awakening of Dragon

Milleniaago, Demon King Baal led the demonic horde in an invasion of the Divine Realm. Battleafter battle the gods suffered defeat, and the destruction of the Divine Realm wasnearly complete. In order to save their |ast remaining hope, the 7 Divine Dragonsripped a hole in space-time and travelled to the harmonious land of Arcus. Therethey use their abilities to create a new world and 3 races, humans, elves and dwarves, who lived under the protection of 4 Divine Dragons. As timepassed, the power of the Divine Dragons began to wane and the demonic horde traveledto Arcus through the hole in space-time to destruct this land. Only the Chosen Onecan possess the Dragon Crystal and awaken the power of the Dragon Soul. Only thencan the demonic horde be defeated and Arcus saved.

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