KartRider Mobile: Crazy Racing 跑跑卡丁车 (CN)

KartRider Mobile: Crazy Racing 跑跑卡丁车 (CN)

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About KartRider Mobile: Crazy Racing (CN)

Inheriting the glorious 13-year legacy of "KartRider," the roaring sound of the drifting engine returns, allowing you to relive the thrilling racing and drifting journey with a brand new ultimate experience!

"KartRider Official Racing Edition" is a collaboration between Shijie Tiancheng and Tencent Games. This mobile game inherits the essence of gameplay from the PC version of "KartRider" and offers a highly adapted control scheme for mobile devices, delivering an authentic and smooth drifting experience at your fingertips. Classic cars with original engines make a comeback, and the classic car series is ready to go. The racing tracks and item races for up to 8 players are meticulously restored, along with more innovative and joyful gameplay modes. Moreover, there are more classic and adorable characters like Pidong and Heiniu, enduring themed tracks, uniquely personalized cabins, and a social system filled with love. It aims to create a drifting paradise for players and bring eternal prosperity to the KartRider world.

KartRider Mobile: Crazy Racing 跑跑卡丁车 (CN) - Top-Up Terus

KartRider Mobile: Crazy Racing 跑跑卡丁车 (CN) - Kad Game

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