Last Survivors: IDLE RPG

Last Survivors: IDLE RPG

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The story began on the summer night of 2077, when a meteorite passed through the night sky and fell into the center of G City, releasing a mysterious gas that spread rapidly. The creatures infected by the gas became extremely ferocious, and the number of monsters exploded violently. The survivors had no choice but to retreat to the west, where they built "cities" to resist monster attacks, rest and seek new ways of survival.

As time goes by, some survivors gradually master the power of the mysterious gas and are called "Haunters." Due to the lack of supplies, the Haunters had to pick up weapons, form a "team", and go out of the "city" to find supplies and build new homes.

Super Mecha, Wasteland Adventure

Join hands with surviving partners to form an army of talented people. The brand-new doomsday mecha will help fight against the monsters behind the city. We embark on an adventure in the wasteland and step out of the "city" to rebuild our home!

Wasteland World, Placement and Cultivation

The Gothic-style world incorporates doomsday-style animation, humorous and delicate original characters, unique maps and mazes. It is easy to develop the hero and explore the wasteland. Just hang up to get stronger.

Doomsday Carnival, Last Survivors

Login to claim 333 lotteries! Complete the novice tasks and obtain generous rewards. There are also powerful hero and weapon packs for free. A lot of rewards are waiting for you!

Mutation Frenzy, Deserted Building

In the wasteland, you need to stay vigilant at all times. Properly match the Haunters system, lineup, and position, and form the most suitable team to challenge the invasion of the monsters.

Gear Development, Strong Firepower

The unique development system in the game allows you to defeat monsters and obtain advanced materials. So you can use it to create the super weapons that will deal super damage to cover the entire field and instantly kill a large number of monsters.

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